Prosecur | Prosecur
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The safety officer ensures the protection of the property and the persons entrusted to him. Their mission is the reception, filtering, access control and body-search of the visitors. The safety officer manages the general surveillance of the site, the technical security and basic fire safety and intervenes for first aid. They have compulsory training in CQP / APS, SST and body-search. PROSECUR also trains them in their “gesture and posture” and “Incivility to the terrorist act”.
Fire safety
The safety officer SSIAP 1 provides fire prevention and fire safety expertise in the buildings ERP (public institution) and IGH (high-rise building). Their mission is to prevent fires, to educate employees, to maintain the means of rescue, to alert and receive help, to evacuate the danger to the public, to assist people and to operate the PC Security (Central Security Station). They have the qualifications SSIAP 1,SST HOB0 and CQP / APS.
Events and prestige
The events and prestige security agent ensures the reception, public safety and the good use of space , during events such as COP 21, Fashion week, Weddings and sports events. Their main mission is reception of the public, prevention and deterrence of malicious acts, intervention in emergency situations and first aid assistance for people in need.